AI, Responsibly Applied
Truthify leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning to revolutionize mass communication on mobile devices without compromising user privacy. With the viewer’s permission, our application reads the small involuntary movements of the muscles in a person's face - called micro-expressions - to identify and map the emotions experienced when watching a video on their phone. The emotions are then displayed to the viewer who has the ability to sell this data in a micro-transaction to the message sponsor.

The Truthify Mission

We want to make advertising work for everyone.

We believe consumer data should be owned by consumers. By creating a means for consumers to monetize their data, we are creating a benefit for both consumers and advertisers. Consumers are rewarded for sharing their data and reactions to advertisements, while advertisers know consumers actually watched their message.

We believe using AI does two things in this process. First, it makes it easy for consumers to share how they feel without any effort on their part, and second, emotion AI provides a level of insight to the advertiser never before possible unless in an in-person focus group.

The result of this is that advertising can become less expensive and more impactful for companies, and puts the control of data in the hands of the rightful owners: consumers.

Learn more about our promise to users of Truthify, or how advertising on Truthify works.