Authentic reactions to 30 second videos
Truthify is a free mobile app where you can get paid for your attention and honest reactions.

Our Promise to Users of Truthify

We will not sell your data.

Only you can sell your data to advertisers on Truthify. We help you do that. Truthify makes money by retaining a portion of the money charged to the advertiser. Truthify is simply creating a way for you to sell your data but you are always in control.

Truthify does not share your data with law enforcement or government agencies.

Other companies may share your image and data with government agencies without your permission. We don't. Truthify gives you complete control over your data and whether you want to sell it or not. We believe your data should be yours to sell if and when you want to. Now you can with Truthify.

We will always show you the data that you sell to advertisers.

You deserve to know every piece of information that is being collected, not just given some vague terms of service. Here is what Truthify advertisers typically pay you for:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Emotional reactions

We will not record or store images of you anywhere, ever.

Truthify does not take your picture or store your likeness anywhere. While you watch videos, Truthify’s AI recognizes your micro expressions and connects them with likely emotional reactions. Your emotional reactions are then translated and plotted on a graph. We use your camera to do this while you watch the video, but your image is never recorded, captured or stored.

Truthify is not “Facial Recognition” technology.

Truthify does not identify you based on your face. We use Emotion AI, not Facial Recognition AI. This means that during the moment you watch a video, it tracks only the involuntary movements you make with your facial expressions and reactions. Those reactions are then translated to a graph of the video’s timeline. That’s it. After that, your image is not stored or connected to your identity for any other use.