Guaranteed Views. Verified People. Authentic Reactions.
One Truthify campaign can quickly tell you how thousands of authenticated people feel about a given message down to the second.
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A new kind of advertising

Guaranteed Views

With Truthify's concept of Earn Per View, you attract viewers by fairly compensating them to watch your video and share their reactions.  You choose the amount, and if they don’t watch, you don’t pay.  

Truthify ensures people authenticate their identity and watch the entirety of your video before claiming their compensation. This means you know who watched your message from start to finish. 

Verified People

No more bots, click farms and phony leads.  The design of Truthify necessitates only verified people can watch videos and claim rewards. 

In return for compensating people fairly, you get verified contact information and emotional reactions with their permission. These are the highest quality leads where you choose your own cost-per-lead.

Authentic Reactions

For the first time, see how verified people truly feel about a message at scale. Truthify will tell you if someone felt surprise, anger, sadness, happiness, fear, contempt, or disgust.

Is it reliable? Truthify tech is based on the Emotion Mapping Facial Coding System (EMFACS) validated on 8 million faces in 87 countries. Micro-expressions are universal across gender, ethnicity, age and nationality. They’re hard-wired in our brains and impossible to fake, making results reliable and informative.


Launch your first campaign in minutes.

Here's how

Create and deploy.  Upload your video, set your budget and share your unique link from the Truthify dashboard.

Activate existing audiences. Unique links to Truthify videos are created quickly so you can share to audiences on social media, email newsletters, SMS or even QR codes.  This makes it easy for to get video content to go viral on a budget without bidding for clicks.

Visualize results. View your leads, their emotional reactions and overall results on the Truthify dashboard. Parse data by demographics, locations or individual feelings.

Increase conversion rates.  Did you know viewers on Truthify are 8 times more likely to complete a call to action after viewing a 30 second video and seeing their own reaction? With conversion rates like that, you can drive post-viewing traffic to e-commerce pages, fundraising pages, surveys, email list builders or any other content.