Truthify Pro

Designed for business use, Truthify Pro offers a revolutionary way to engage your clients and prospects, obtain immediate feedback and initiate a call to action. Unlike traditional digital marketing methods, Truthify will provide insight as to whether your audience watched a video, how they felt when they watched it, and will provide a customized link to drive the action you are looking for.
200% more record time
Record up to 30 seconds per video
Drive action with a custom button
Add a customized action button to schedule appointments, drive traffic to your website, or redirect to the location of your choice.
Get enhanced results
Gain additional insight into your audience with aggregated demographic data for each video.
Access all individual responses
View more than 5 responses
Filter videos by emotion
Sort responses be each emotion
Access all comments
View comments for all responses
Search all history
Quickly find all videos and responses

Available as an in-app purchase through the app store.