Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I create my Truthify profile?
Download the app and follow the instructions. First you must enter and verify your mobile phone number, and then you must create your profile. The easiest way is to login with your facebook profile - or you can create your profile manually.

Q: Why must I register with a mobile number?
It is very important that we validate every Truthify user. Emails are easy to fake, so the mobile number is the best solution we could come up with to have the best chance at ensuring people are who they say they are. Don't worry, we will never call you!

Q: Why do you need to access my camera and microphone?
Your camera and microphone must be accessed in order to record video - a key feature of Truthify. The camera/microphone are only accessed when you press the record button.

Q: Why do you need to access my location?
Your location is only used to improve the experience. You do not need to enable it, but you will not have as meaningful experience without it. For security purposes, your location will never be displayed specifically - it is a general area to help your friends know where you watched the video. We use the location information to improve our services and to provide a better experience for you.

Q: Why do you need to access my photos?
Two reasons - first, to be able to save your profile picture, and second, to be able to store your Truthify videos. That's all.

Q: If I set up my account with my Facebook profile, what information do you import?
Whether you enter your profile manually or you use your Facebook profile, we need your name, gender, profile picture, email, and date of birth to customize the experience for you. This is pretty standard stuff.

Q: Why do I need to add Friends?
You don't have to add friends, but it will significantly improve your experience. You may only send Private and Friend messages to Friends - so if you don't add them you will only be able to send Public or Anonymous messages.

Q: Why do you need to access the contacts in my phone?
Truthify needs to access your contacts in order to add friends or send Truthify messages.

Q: Can I have a quick introduction?

Q: Why am I not seeing strong results?
If you have inadequate lighting when your face is scanned, you are wearing sunglasses or a hat, or you are a professional Texas Holdem poker player, then you may occasionally see very low or even no results. The app must have enough light to be able to read the muscles in your face. If you are a good poker player and do not show emotions, then you are doing well!

Q: Can I share the results of a Truthify video to others without the app?

Q: Does Truthify capture, record or store video images of my face when I watch Truthify videos?
No, never are video or images of a recipient of Truthify messages captured, recorded or stored. All analysis is completed locally on the iPhone, and the only data elements transmitted to Truthify are the numerical data measurement points which used to determine emotions.

Q: What emotions are being measured?
Currently we focus on measuring your Primary emotions, which are generated in the limbic part of your brain. These emotions have been hardcoded humans for millenia. They consist of Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Surprise, Contempt, Disgust, and Anger.

Q: How much does Truthify cost?
Basic: The basic Truthify app is free. Premium Subscription: Users may elect to subscribe to the premium version, which provides additional functionality. The price may change from time to time, but as of 11/15/2017 the monthly subscription fee is $1.99 per month and the annual subscription is $19.99. Why the cost? We must pay to store your videos and run big computers in the cloud to be able to process all of your videos and emotions.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course! Simply log into the app store and cancel your subscription. Please note we cannot provide refunds for any reason, so if you choose to cancel your subscription you will lose the remainder of the month's subscription fee. Remember, it is only $1.99!

Q: Do my friends need be Premium subscribers to see longer videos?
No, any Truthify user can watch any video shared with them regardless of their user type.