The fastest way for businesses, advertising agencies and polling companies to identify authentic, emotional reactions to content. Gain audience insight via mobile devices and see how your audience really feels - without bias.​
Ensure viewers watch the message
Learn how they react to content
Obtain demographic data
Drive engagement and action
Option to compensate viewers and receive specific data responsibly​
Deliver and share content through your favorite apps​

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Easily access and share results ​

Unparalleled Insight for brands, agencies,
research and polling companies

  • Turnkey, unique marketing solution
  • Ensure viewers watch your message
  • Learn how they react to content
  • Learn what triggered reactions

Easily manage
campaigns via
web portal​

  • Deploy campaigns from portal in minutes
  • Drive follow-on action within application
  • Export results
  • All results anonymized
  • (Option to obtain lead information with Earn Per View)