Truthify leverages artificial intelligence technology and deep learning to improve personal and business communication.  Our application reads the small involuntary movements of the muscles in a person's face (called "micro-expressions") to identify the emotions experienced when watching a video.  The emotions are then displayed for both of you so that you can have a more meaningful conversation. 

These micro-expressions are universal across gender, ethnicity, age, and nationality. They are “hard-wired” in your brain, so the results can be both reliable and informative.  

Behind the Tech

How it works​

  • Key landmarks on face are identified by computer vision algorithms​
  • Machine learning algorithms analyze pixels to classify facial expression
  • Combinations of facial expressions are mapped to emotions 14x /sec​
  • Partnered with Affectiva®, the global leader in Emotion AI​

Fun Facts

  • Emotions are universal globally​
  • Data validated on 7m+ faces in 87 countries
  • Accurate regardless of age, gender, language or ethnicity
  • Emotional mapping based on Emotion Mapping Facial Coding System (EMFACS) developed by Friesen and Ekman


How positive or negative ​a person is feeling ​


Overall level and intensity of the emotion